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Wild : characteristic of or expressive of wilderness, or a simple society*

Hearth : home*

Wild Hearth is a green design and lifestyle blog that embraces a minimalist aesthetic, rooted in the belief that part of us still belongs to the wildness of nature. It’s a movement towards simplifying our lives and designing our built environments to work with nature so we can all enjoy its abundance.


Hi! I’m Becca, editor of Wild Hearth. I grew up in the heart of the Rockies, camping and hiking with my family in Northern Utah, and my heart still belongs to the mountains. I learned about design first from nature: the texture of the clouds reflected in the marshes, the color of the sunrises peeking over the mountaintops, and the scale of the valleys and canyons. That beauty inspired me as I studied interior design at Utah State University. While there, I became a LEED Green Associate and learned more about the impact buildings have on the environment I love. It made me realize there's a better way to build and gave me a passion for sustainable design.

My career in high-end residential design exposed me to some who believe that more is better: more furniture, more accessories, more space. Ironically, that left me wanting more... of less: less clutter, less materialism, and less impact on the planet. And I wasn't alone. Through meeting people who wanted to simplify their lifestyle and buy quality furnishings they would love forever, I witnessed that a simple, beautiful home is what makes people happy. And the best interiors not only look stunning on the surface but also connect deeply with people as a result of a careful design process that takes place with the overall impact in mind.

A year ago, we made a move to North Carolina for my husband’s MBA and that left me at home with our 6-month-old thinking about it all. So I drew on my design experience and education and started this blog to help you live and build green for long-term health and happiness WITHOUT sacrificing style.

Shortly after starting this blog, I realized that a lifetime commitment to sustainability encompasses all aspects of life and I started to adopt zero-waste habits. I'm making this green lifestyle journey with you, and I'm already seeing the changes we're making together.

We have the power to change the world, and it starts one space, one life, at a time.

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*from Merriam-Webster Dictionary