Toddler Room Reveal

It’s a scary thing when your baby becomes a toddler. Their independence develops, and so does the stubbornness. They’re still adorable, but they’re not a little baby anymore, and it breaks your heart while also making you wildly happy… It’s confusing. But one of the biggest moments for them is getting their own “big-girl” (or boy) bed.

My little one is turning two this week, and in honor of that, I’m revealing her toddler room makeover! Yes, it’s finally done. You know if you’ve been following along that this process started in the fall, when we decided to transition her out of the pack’n’play she was sleeping in. I was working in a rental with a limited budget, but had the luxury of time to make or find what I wanted.

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Back in October we found a good deal on a twin-size mattress, so we jumped on it and brought home her first real bed. While I love the look of toddler-size beds, we wanted to simplify the process of learning to sleep on a big bed by skipping the in-between step of the toddler bed. I placed her twin mattress on the floor in the corner of the room so she has two side walls, and if she falls out it’s only an 8” drop. (She has fallen out one time: we heard the thump and I hurried upstairs to gently show her where her bed was. It hasn’t happened since.)

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I wanted her room to have a slight nostalgia to it but still feel relevant and a little playful. If you look at my Pinterest searches through last fall you’ll see a lot of Scandinavian style. But the true jumping-off point was her old-fashioned desk. It was a Craigslist treasure, and her first toddler-size furniture. I used that to guide a slight school-house aesthetic - hanging unframed prints I created (based on some of my favorite children’s stories) from black bulldog clips for a more casual look. That allowed me to hang them at her height over the bed without the worry of broken glass.

Her bedding came together next. Project 62 + Nate Berkus black and white polka-dot sheets were the base, layered under a gray-striped seersucker duvet that gives plenty of cushy volume. Since I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted, I made pillow covers myself. One out of second-hand fabric from our local Scrap Exchange, and the other - a ruffle pillow to give the room a feminine touch - out of pink cotton muslin from JoAnn. And of course I had to throw in the gray knot pillow as a nod to my Scandi-inspiration! The doll was handmade by my mother for the little one’s first birthday.

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As a finishing touch and to add some playfulness, I hung white pom-poms from twine on the bed wall. It brings the scale of the room down, making it feel more her size.

Her toys are kept in baskets on a bookshelf on the other wall and we make a habit of tidying each night before bed. I rotate her toys every few weeks, so we only have a few out at one time. I am dying to change out the bookcases in her room, but it’ll have to wait for our next move. The ones we have now were leftover from our one-bedroom in Dallas and there is no other place for them in our current house. Eventually I’d like to get her a low shelf with plenty of bins for organizing toys and activities similar to this one.

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We’re huge fans of the book: “Healthy Sleep Habits, Healthy Child,” so we waited to remove her crib until she wanted to sleep in the big bed as it suggests, and instead presented the big girl bed as an option. But she never wanted to actually sleep there, so we had to be a little sneaky. When we went home for 2-1/2 weeks during Christmas break, we didn’t bring our travel bed. She slept in the toddler bed my parents saved from when my siblings were small. And she loved that bed! So when we came back, we took down her old bed before she could see it and had her sleeping in her big bed right away. It was a smoother transition that I could have hoped for, and it has made her so much happier because she can be that much more independent. Now we just need to get her to sleep under the covers!

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