12 Minimalist Christmas Decor Ideas

Christmas is right around the corner, and I don’t know about you, but I’ve been really sluggish about my holiday decor this year. Maybe it’s that we’ll be visiting family during Christmas (not even going to be here!), or that I’m still recovering from Thanksgiving. Either way, I decided to pull together some inspiration for transforming any home into a minimalist holiday winter wonderland in the hope that it would get me (and you) excited. Enjoy!

1. Keep the overall color scheme neutral. White, gold, silver, greenery, and wood are all lovely Christmas neutrals.

2. Use bells. Drape them on your doors, over simple wreaths, or add them to your tree. Bonus points if they’re vintage.

Source:  One Kindesign

3. Incorporate bits of the outdoors. Pine cones, acorns, or evergreen branches all add to the holiday feeling.

4. Make your advent calendar monochromatic. Too much color can translate as visual clutter, so choose a calendar in the Christmas neutral color scheme.

5. Keep your Christmas card display organized. We’ve all seen them on refrigerators, but there are so many more ways to display holiday cards. Try clipping them to strings hung from a tree branch, or attaching them to a small tree just for that purpose.

6. Avoid the literal interpretations. This means keep the Santas in the attic. Opt for more classic Christmas symbols such as bells (see #2), stars, triangles, or diamonds.

7. Use plenty of cozy throws.

8. Add a natural wood garland to really elevate your tree. It won’t sparkle, but it’ll bring you back to simpler times.

Source: Trendnet

Source: Trendnet

9. Opt for simple wreaths with only 2-3 different elements. This is one of the first things guests see and it sets the stage for the rest of your decor.

10. Place candles in your windows. This tradition has slightly different meanings for each culture, but it’s a classy departure from the strings of lights.

11. Keep gift wrapping simple. Use brown kraft paper (added perk: it’s a whole lot less expensive) to wrap gifts, tie with string, then throw in some extra goodies for decoration, like bits of nature or hand-drawn pictures and patterns.

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