Seed Phytonutrients: Natural Self-Care Products I Don't Know How I Lived Without

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Zero waste in the kitchen is catching on and it’s getting much easier to find alternatives to traditional waste, but reducing our footprint in the bathroom is a little harder. Enter Seed Phytonutrients. They are a beauty brand based in Doylestown, Pennsylvania trying to revolutionize the beauty industry with a focus on clean, natural ingredients grown by independent organic farmers.

Their name is derived from their most important ingredient: seeds. The seed is a very nutrient-rich part of the plant because it is protected from environmental contamination and is highly-concentrated. Seed Phytonutrients only uses the cold-press and expeller methods to extract oil from their seeds (as opposed to chemical solvents) for their products. Their impressive attention to the details of their process extends to every part of their business, but what really got me hooked was how great their products feel.

After winning a giveaway, I received a box with Seed Phytonutrients’s Ultra Rich Face Cream, Hand Salve, Lip Balm, Superseed Serum, and Callous Balm. This review is not sponsored, I just loved them enough to share. First off, their packaging and branding was on point. I love the natural paper look, not to mention it being made of recycled material and recyclable itself. The boxes are covered in fun facts and information about how and where the product was made. I’m obsessed with the adorable charactutures of their farmers that help you get to know the people behind the seeds.

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The lip balm came in a cardboard tube, which looks fantastic, but does color when any of the lip balm itself touches it. You push up on the bottom round of the tube to push the lip balm out; maybe this is how lip balm worked before plastic, but it blew my mind. And unfortunately my nearly-two-year-old daughter loved it as much as I did so you can imagine what it looks like now. I was devastated when I found her with the nearly-depleted tube, because the lip balm is so soft and smooth. Normal chapstick keeps my lips moist for a few hours, but this lip balm immediately softened my lips and kept them moist for most of the day.

The face cream and hand salve came in tubes of post-consumer recycled aluminum, which are also recyclable at the end of their life, and a little bit lasts a long time. I’ve used the ultra-rich face salve for a month, and my face has never been healthier. When I got it, my skin was in bad shape. After using the face salve consistently for a few weeks, my skin is soft, more even-toned, and I break out far less frequently. Both salves have a much thicker consistency than other moisturizers and lotions and left red patches on my skin that faded after a few minutes, which I think show the places that are most dry. They both absorb really well and feel great.

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The Superseed Serum is for early signs of aging and comes in a darkened glass spray bottle. I found the callous balm in a little metal tin that I’ll definitely re-purpose once I’ve used the balm. It had the same moisturizing effect as the other products. I felt like I could have picked these up in a fancy boutique because the quality is top notch.

Overall, the lack of chemicals and processing makes a huge difference in how healthy my skin is after using these products. I feel confident using their products on my skin, knowing that they thoughtfully treated every ingredient with care. I love that they’re supporting independent organic farmers with good business practices and working to make all aspects of their business sustainable, especially packaging. It’s important to support companies that value quality, environmental responsibility, and small farmers over profit. If you want to know more, check out their website, here.

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Disclosure: I received these products for free after winning a giveaway by Litterless. This review is not endorsed by either Litterless or Seed Phytonutrients. All opinions are my own.