Wild Hearth | 10,000-Foot View

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Hello! Welcome to Wild Hearth. First, introductions:

This is Wild Hearth: a blog about sustainable interior design.

I’m Becca, the author of all the posts you’re dying to read. I’m a designer passionate about beautiful, thoughtful interiors, being in the mountains, and my family.

And you must be the dear reader who has come to visit. I am delighted to meet you!

Second, good relationships begin with ground rules, right? Well, here's what you can expect from Wild Hearth: I will share spaces, products, or info I find beautiful, exciting, or inspiring relating to environmentally sustainable (or green or environmentally friendly) interior design and a sustainable lifestyle. I won’t be over here telling you to take a shorter shower or take up residence in a tree so it doesn't get cut down (Arrested Development, anyone?), my focus is on the things we collect between the walls of our homes.

You say that’s all well and good, but why should I listen to you? Great question. I believe in sustainable design. Not because it’s the way of the future or the next big thing. I believe that we need to work in harmony with our surroundings because it is essential to who we are. There’s something about nature that allows us to discover our identity and find our empathy, and if we lose that we may lose who we are. Additionally, I studied interior design at Utah State University and have experience in high-end residential design, as well as being an Allied ASID (American Society of Interior Designers) member and LEED Green Associate. My passion pushes me to do the research and find unique solutions, and my trained designer eye doesn’t allow me to compromise on integrity or style. The word hearth contains the words hear, heart, and earth. That’s what I’m promising. Let’s get started!

Rebecca Miller