The Day That Could Keep 500 Million Straws Out of the Ocean


I’ll bet you’ve never heard of National Skip the Straw Day. I hadn’t either, but I just fell in love with the story behind it. Get this: it was founded by a group of middle school students in Michigan who learned about America’s obsession with plastic straws and all the problems they cause for marine life. Americans use about 500 million plastic straws a day and a great many of those end up in the oceans. So every fourth Friday in February they’re encouraging us to find a different way of sipping our beverage.

So how can we get behind these awesome, entrepreneurial middle school kids? Super easy - just ask your server or the person taking your order at the drive through to hold your straw. Some eateries give straws to you automatically, so make sure to ask in advance. And if you’ve gotta have straws at home try non-disposable. There are so many options that look beautiful and are environmentally friendly: bamboo, glass, stainless steel, copper-plated.

Although I'm not a straw person normally, my husband gifted me stainless steel straws for my morning smoothies. I love how they keep the smoothie cold and come with a tiny brush so they clean easy, plus I feel way classier drinking out of a stainless steel straw.

Now I want to hear from you! Comment below if you are going strawless this Friday!