A Chat and Home Tour with Erin Hoj

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I am delighted to welcome my friend, the lovely Erin Hoj, photographer and mother of two adorable children. We go to the same church, but I didn’t know Erin well until she took our family photos a year and a half ago. She’s got impeccable taste; you’ve got to check out her Instagram - her feed is filled with endless beautiful slow and simple living inspiration and classic style. She’s kindly agreed to dish on her story and give us a tour of her home. Enjoy!

WH: Hi Erin! Thanks so much for agreeing to be featured on Wild Hearth, I’m so excited to talk about you and your incredibly lovely work! First I just have to say, your photos have such a beautiful, soft quality to them! The photos you took of us during the fall a couple years ago are still our favorite family photos. What inspires your photography aesthetic?

E: Hey Rebecca! Thanks for having me come talk! I'm so glad you still love your photos. I would say I've always found myself drawn a bit towards the past, to a more timeless sort of place where, at least where my photography is concerned, the pressures of modern day life are maybe a bit less overt and there's a sense of calm. Because let's be honest, life with young kids at home is anything but calm most days but it’s about looking for and finding those moments.

WH: Yes! It seems life rarely feels as calm as we’d like and kids make it especially so! I can definitely sense the calm throughout your feed and it's very inviting. I think that translates to the styling of your home as well, which is influenced by Scandinavian design. What about the Scandinavian aesthetic speaks to you?

E: It's all about the light! My main priority I look for in a home is the feeling and availability of natural light. We tend to naturally congregate as a family to where the good light is during the day, so the most important rooms for us tend to be the kitchen, living room, and kids rooms where we are looking for that open feeling. I also think simplicity and good design go hand in hand and I have always wanted our home to reflect that. I'm someone who would rather buy fewer nicer things, and keep them for as long as they can serve their purpose! Hand in hand with that, homes are much more special when they have their own character unique to them and so I try to incorporate various vintage pieces as well as I find them. Each piece has a story to it and it's been great seeing that my own kids have learned an appreciation for not only the new, but the old as well.

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WH: That’s amazing that they’ve learned that as a young age. Where do you find the pieces you collect for your home?

E: Most of the vintage pieces I've found have been from various online sites or local thrift stores. A few have come from antique fairs or the flea market here in Raleigh as well. One of the nice things about the east coast and North Carolina is we tend to see a lot more of the older pieces here than I was having luck finding while we lived on the west coast.

WH: You have a good eye for curating everything from home decor to fashion. How have you seen your taste evolve?

E: Thank you! I think most of that just comes with growing older, you get more confident with yourself and know what you like and what you don't, and instead of following trends maybe steering choices more towards what suits you as an individual than what you think you should be choosing. What makes us all different is what makes us interesting after all and I think the same goes for our homes, since they are a reflection of us.

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WH: That’s beautifully put, and I completely agree. You have said on IG that your home in North Carolina is temporary; what are your dreams for when you have a more permanent home?

E: Yes, our family will likely move somewhere else when my husband Jake finishes his PhD work here–although we are both from the West Coast we love the East Coast and our hope would be to find somewhere that suits our family here. Being near the ocean is always a hope. As for a home, I think we are also keeping our minds open to what comes our way, I would love to find some historical home that needs renovations and bring it up to date while retaining its character. Something along the lines that Tara and Percy from Jersey Ice Cream Co. do so well. I also think DeVol Kitchens make beautiful cabinetry and am thrilled they are opening an NYC showroom this year. I think as long as we are in a home that gives our kids some space indoors and out, and a community that feels open and inclusive, we will be happy wherever that may be.

WH: Thank you so much, Erin! It’s been such a treat to have you here!

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You can see more of Erin’s work right here.